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Genesys Industries supplies quality services to fulfill all of your Keysight 3070 fixturing needs. We also will provide you with functional test fixture solutions. Genesys will fabricate the test fixture based upon your specifications or will recommend the optimum fixture solution for your PC board assembly. We also stand behind our work and will provide the necessary fixture maintenance so that you can protect your investment.

  • Standard fixture kits for Keysight 3070
  • Vacuum boxes
  • Molded Gaskets
  • Mechanical Over-clamps
  • Top Side Probing Fixtures
  • Panelized PC Board Test Fixtures

  • TestJet
  • Polarity Check
  • Connector Orientation Switch Probes
  • LED Light Pipes
  • Fixture Electronics

  • Repair any fixture damage as needed
  • Replace worn gaskets
  • Replace worn or contaminated probes
  • Replace worn or damaged guide pins and bushings
  • Replace worn or bent tooling pins

Please Contact Us to inquire about any of your fixturing needs.

Please see our Quote web page for details concerning fixturing information requirements.