30 Years of Excellence

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“Genesys Industries has been providing TT Electronics high quality test fixtures and 3070 platform programming for over 20 years. The team at Genesys is very responsive to our expectations and have thought outside the box on some very custom functional test fixtures. Delivery of the products is on time and most often hand delivered by Jim. We have an excellent relationship with Genesys Industries and can count on them to deliver high quality test solutions.”

Bruce, Perry, OH

“I have worked with Genesys Industries for approximately 5 years. I have found them to provide very high quality and the lowest cost 3070 test fixtures. Should there ever be an issue with one of their fixtures or anyone else’s fixtures they are always available to address it. I would strongly recommend them to anyone doing a 3070 test fixture.”

Randal, Holland, OH

“Genesys is a company that I truly enjoy working with. They design and build quality ICT and functional test fixtures, and they are always up for a challenge! But what really impresses me is their outstanding customer service and support. Genesys consistently delivers fixtures on time with on-site installation and verification. They are always available for phone support or on-site support. They are committed to solving all issues that arise. I would highly recommend Genesys for your test fixture needs.”


“I started at my present company back in 2010. At that time I was given a functional test project. I immediately began looking for mechanical outside help to assist me with this project. I checked the Thomas register and found 3 resources. After contacting all of them, Jim Schenkelberg at Genesys offered to come to my plant and assess my needs. Jim described what he could do for me and I knew that I had found “the right contact”. From that point on I’ve been buying functional test fixture(s) from Genesys (at least 10 now). We had just purchased the HP 3070 and Jim told me he could create programs/fixtures for that system. We tried Genesys for 3070 programs/fixtures and have been using them ever since.”


“Genesys is our fixture vendor because they take time to understand needs and find innovative ways to accomplish our stated test requirements.”

Ed, Solon, OH