Keysight 3070 Programming Services  

Genesys Industries specializes in providing high quality turnkey solutions for all of your test needs. We also offer a wide range of services to help you successfully complete your objectives. Our services range from the following:

Basic Test Program:

Our Basic Test Program will provide all of the standard operations that are necessary when creating a Test Program for the Keysight 3070. When you order the Basic Test Program you will receive the following:

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Library Model Development:

A large number of electrical devices are not in the standard Keysight Library. Genesys Industries will develop a library model for your non Keysight library devices. Our goal is to develop a library test which will exercise all testable device pins for your specific circuit topology. In the cases where it is cost prohibitive or not practical to develop a complete library model, Genesys will create a device existence test. An existence test will verify that the correct component is installed and oriented properly.

Summary of Genesys Library Model Services:

Programmable device tests like PALs and FPGAs will be automatically generated from the customer supplied PLD design files. Devices supported by Boundary Scan will be developed using the manufacturer Boundary Scan Description Language (BSDL) file. See the list of common programmable devices and their required files below:

Manufacturer Required Files
PALs, Gals, PLDs, .JED
Actel .EDN and .PIN
Altera .EDO
Cypress .RPT
Xilinx .ANN, .FIT, .EDN, .XNF
Vantis .VHO, .RPT, .JED
QuickLogic .EDO

EEPROM and Flash Devices may be programmed during the incircuit test. To provide this function the customer must supply the Intel Hex file or a Motorola S-Record type file.

Cluster testing is often incorporated when node access is limited, feedback loops exist between 2 or more components, or when a specific design test requirement needs to be met. Genesys Industries will work with you to develop and implement the proper testing strategy concerning cluster testing.

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CAD Translation to Board and Board_xy:

All printed circuit boards designed today use some sort of CAM CAD software package. The output files from these CAD packages provide a very fast and accurate method of obtaining the information needed to build a 3070 test fixture and program. We will translate the associated CAD files into the required 3070 board and board_xy files. If CAD data is not available, a test fixture may be developed by translating gerber files or by digitizing a blank PC board.

CAD Translation Services Summary:

For additional details on CAD data requirements for Keysight test fixtures and programs, see the section on CAD Information Definition.

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