Fixture and Program Quotation

Information Required 

1. Schematics

The Schematics may be a readable hard copy or an electronic file. We are able to view files in the following formats: Adobe PDF, Autocad DXF, Autocad DWG, Microsoft Word, TIFF, PCAD (PDIF schematic read *.PDF), Protel (Schematic Read *.asc), HPGL, Visio.

2. Bill of Material

The Bill of Material (BOM) should include all reference designators, manufacturer part number, value, tolerance. The BOM should be in an ASCII text format or an Excel spreadsheet. 

3. CAD Information

The CAD Database file is the preferred method of translating CAD information to the Keysight 3070. Let us know what CAD software was used to created the PC board files and we will tell you the CAD database file that is needed by us. Please  see our CAD information definition page for further details.

If the CAD Database file is definitely not available then the netlist, test probe locations, device pin XY locations will be needed in an ASCII test file/s format.

4. Optional Information 

Items Required to Complete Task


Information Needed For Keysight 3070 Fixture Only

Please send us your PC board information. You can find our address at our Contact Page

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